Carlie + Samim | A Rooftop Wedding at The Avenue, Downtown Greenville, SC Wedding

Carlie and Samim’s downtown Greenville, SC wedding at The Avenue is one to die for! From Samim gifting Carlie Christian Louboutin shoes, to the groom burying a bottle of whiskey before the wedding, to Carlie’s custom hand-painted dress (her mom hand-painted the dress – you’ve got to see it!) This wedding was so perfect and true to Carlie and Samim’s love for each other, their friends, family and the love of the party.

Carlie and Samim wanted a very intimate and romantic ceremony with just their immediately family and close friends, but also wanted to have a big party with everybody they know! After you watch their wedding video you’ll see that they did have an awesome unique ceremony and did in fact “show them how to party!”. From the live band to the rooftop open bar – their Greenville, South Carolina rooftop wedding was so much fun!


Highlife – Chris Valentine

All Around Me – De Joie

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